VM Radio steps out of the gates of the Villa, and will dock at Club Atelier! In order to spread our message and expand our reach, we bring you the very first VM Radio event: ‘t Kofschip VM Radio is an independent cultural collective formed by lovers of electronic music with the mission to make your day just a tiny bit better. We kick things off at 20:00h for your Vrijmibo in style. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of options to get a bite. Expect a broad musical programme ranging from Nu / Italo Disco, (Deep / Tech) House to Electro, Indie Dance, Afro House and Melodic Techno.


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Our event is accessible to everyone! Since we like to keep it intimate, our little gathering does NOT classify as a large-scale event and therefore will  non require pre-admission testing (1G), in line with government regulations.