Club Atelier | Life is Life  & Night Cafe brings :
An amazing new live electronic music experience
Memphis Maniacs Productions presents STASH a fresh new Club & Music Night introducing the new act THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY.

Ticket Price: 5,- before 21.00 free entrance


17.00-22.30 Night Cafe      

22.30 Wanna be a star

23.30 stash “THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY”

01.00 Wanna be a star

2.00 -05.00 Night Cafe Wolvenroedel


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THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY is the brand-new project of the men behind the band Memphis Maniacs. The so-called ‘Masters of the Mashup’ wanted to take a fresh direction and started developing a LIVE electronic music experience. Still with one eye on the rear-view mirror but blasting their own engine for the future ahead. They re-defined their repertoire and performance, plundering the vaults of music and transforming crown jewels op pop history into dance floor gems. During their unorthodox and infectious non-stop live set THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY shall provide you with something familiar in an excitingly unfamiliar way.
STASH is the night where they share their treasures. Where they kidnap your favorite tracks. Where they give back to the dance floor what they stole from the rich. Where they polish their diamonds. Where they narrate unashamedly. Where they find nothing taboo. Where we all dance on the shoulders of giants. Where we celebrate a new night: STASH