Haus is a quarterly event based in Club Atelier, Amsterdam. The concept of the event revolves around providing a stage for emerging artists, in combination with familiar names in the house-music scene. Consequently, a wide portfolio of multiple genres, energies and sounds reveals itself. With this, we aim to form a bridge between nostalgia and innovation and create an experimental ambience where artists are presented with the opportunity to express their unique taste.

We aspire to create an atmosphere that represents the warmth of a living room in a club setting. At Haus, inclusivity is a fundamental aspect of this atmosphere. We strive for a sense of openness, which can be enjoyed by anyone and inspires nothing but pure fun and opportunity to party without any concerns.

22:00-23:00 Booker B2B Fleur
23:00-00:30 Joes
00:30-02:00 Milion
02:00-03:30 BRNK
03:30-05:00 Omar B2B Jocri B2B Roan

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