The beginning of the end. How quickly that beginning came to an end. But now, the time has come once again for a new beginning.
Come with us and let’s go loudly into that good night.
A new chapter in our book, a sequel to the previous one. Our main characters are in place to take the lead in this adventure but we need our family to co-write. Let’s write a new chapter together. Let’s celebrate Der Anfang!

Main Characters:
✑ Franca
✑ Mimi Love
✑ Mias
✑ Thommie G


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Our event is accessible to everyone! Since we like to keep it intimate, our little gathering does not classify as a large-scale event and therefore will not require pre-admission testing (1G), in line with government regulations. Should COVID strike again, we’ll give you the opportunity to either get a refund or have your ticket remain valid for the next Der Anfang event.