Immerse yourself in mystery and have all your senses tickled at the Brixton Brunch Amsterdam. Why party at night when you have all day?

What can you expect from this new concept:

– Fine dining with a 3-course brunch

– Tunes all day

– Surprising acts &host

– Early party

The concept that came over from London, New York and Sydney has now also reached Amsterdam and is performed here in an Amsterdam way in true festival style with a raw edge. Enjoy a 3-course brunch that will set you up for the day ahead, with amazing cocktails and live DJs. And when the lights turn off, the party kicks into high gear with an epic, raucous dance floor where you can party all day and night with DJs like Arjuna Schiks, Lövestad (live) and many more. The event will take place from 1pm until 11pm and guests will have free access to Club Atelier’s Club Night, with Some Chemistry all night long, after 11pm. For visitors who are not able to join the whole day; separate party only tickets are also available with entrance from 5pm.

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